You don’t know how much it means to me to know you are there when I mess up!

Isn’t it an amazing acknowledgement from a client who pays you well and also feels good working with you. It’s not because you are working for FREE or at cheap rates, it’s because you are feeling his pain and trying help him in real sense.

Technology is evolving rapidly and a lot of things are out of familiarity radar for most of the people who are not refreshing them with latest techniques. But those are still good if they are moving on with business ethics instead of getting advantage of new terms and techniques. According to me, if you will get advantage of a situation and that was just merely a situation, not going to happen again, you are just tasting merely a regular chicken assuming as turkey. I would like to go for a real hunt, i don’t want to fake anything because i don’t compromise on taste. I love to be a real hunter, an honored hunter.

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